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 For the end of summer I was able to score lawn tickets to go see John Mayer, the love of my life. Though there is no way front row tickets were in the budget, lawn seats were. So as soon as those gates open you know I fast walked by butt to the lawn then booked it right to the center. After the spot we wanted was claimed for our own, I headed to the merch table and made sure to get the one of a kind location specific shirt John was selling for Cincinnati. It is all back with blue writing about the color of my shirt I wore that day. Thankfully with fall here, black is in fashion so you will surely be seeing me wearing that shirt for a while.
 Seeing John Mayer preform live has always been something I wanted to do, but with him not having an album out for a while meant I couldn't see him. So when I heard he was coming to Cincinnati a few months ago I made sure to tell everyone and anyone who would be able to go with. The second tickets were out, there was one with my name on it.
 I truly can't tell you how magnificent the concert was. About three times before the concert even started I looked over at my sister and said "We're seeing John fucking Mayer" like I couldn't believe it. I repeated that multiple times during the concert and after as well. John Mayer is truly a one of a kind artist, the only way I can describe his music is by comparing it to The Grateful Dead. He has such a great tune to him that I know any song he makes is something I'm going to listen to. They always have that certain tune that make them simply fantastic and I don't know how to describe it yet but when I do, I'll let you know.
 This recent album has helped me with a lot this past year. Love on The Weekend was the unofficial song to my first relationship. We only really saw each other on the weekend, and no we weren't ever in love or close to being so but it fit. And then the songs kept coming out, and our relationship ended, and the music carried with me. Albums that I can connect to are always ones that I'll forever listen to. The whole album is something that pulled at different emotions of mine and different heart strings of mine. Tugging, pulling, breaking. All of that. I've had a few albums that have done that too me, many songs but only a few full albums. So to see these songs played out live, right in front of my face, with the music so loud it's inside my chest- was phenomenal. I've been to many concerts this summer, many overall in my life. And this one, this is tied for first. Shawn Mendes and John Mayer are my two concerts tied at first place because of the emotional connection that the live music brought to me. I'm a lover of music, so if you have a love for John Mayer, I highly suggest going to the next concert of his that you can get tickets to.

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