I Dated Alex Karev

 Art mimics life and life mimics art. I think that's partly why I like looking at the similarities of things that mimic my life with Gilmore Girls. Last Christmas Eve my grandparents, mother, sister, and I celebrated the holiday at my mother's. At the time I was rewatching the early episodes and it struck me how truly similar my family is to the Gilmore family. So many instances and even the personality of my family compared to theirs is stricking.
 More and more similarities arrived, even outside of the characters matching with my family members, friends, and relationships. Situations I found myself in, situations family members found each other in. That family dinner thing- we are doing it now but on Mondays instead of Fridays. But now, while watching Grey's Anatomy over again for the millionth time- I've realized I was wrong about something.
 I never dated Jess Mariano- I was so far off from realizing my last relationships true personality behind the facade he played me with. He came off as the misunderstood bad boy like Jess comes off as- but he wasn't a "bad boy", he was just a bad person.
 And when you look back at Karev in the early seasons, you'd be a fool to admit he doesn't scream out the bad person- I know I hated him for a while. Even Meredith spoke of him and how she hated him. "When I first got here, he was one of the worst people I had ever met in my life," Sure now you look back at Karev and you see more, you know more, you sympathies with him more. You've learned to like him, maybe even love him. But when you first saw his character and who he portrayed himself as, he was not a good person.
 And that's who I dated, I dated Alex Karev- I never dated Jess Mariano. Jess Mariano was a trouble maker sure, but he was never as bad as Karev. Karev was the guy who only ever looked out for himself and manipulated or tore down every one in his way to getting what he wanted. Yes, maybe in the more recent episodes of Grey's Anatomy Karev is better towards Meredith, he's nicer and kinder to her while only a total ass to people he just doesn't care too much about. But I didn't date the new and sort of improved Karev. I dated the earlier one. So from now on, I think I'll be referring to my second relationship was Karev- it's a more fitting label and fits his character too. Because he was in fact the kind of man to tear down anyone in his way. To manipulate with lies and fake promises.
 When I watched the episode of Karev yelling at Kepner it struck me then- she wasn't doing anything wrong and he yelled at her then belittled her. And it struck for some reason, it struck a chord in me and I realized then that this silly nickname I used so I would never have to utter their names again wasn't right. And no I am not Meredith Grey or Izzie Stevens or April Kepner in this situation but it works. So I switched it Karev.
 It's a bit nicer than "that asshole I dated".

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