What Moving On Looks Like Via Social Media

 Moving on via social media looks like you changing your relationship status to single on Facebook. And Facebook asking you if you want to make that change private, unfriend or simply hide your ex's post. It asks if you want to put all of the photos you have tagged with him into a album and put it on private so you don't see those photos anymore. On Instagram if you've added your anniversary into your bio- it's gone now. You delete the photos of them from your profile- unless you're like me and keep them because you look good (narcissistic and egotistical I know) or because your theme or rows of matching photos would be messed up with them deleted. You also unfollow them- perhaps even go and take all those likes back from their photos. On twitter you unfollow them, delete the messages full of relatable tweets you two had in common. You delete your tweets to them or like me, deleted all your tweets to start over.
 You post your best photos on all the platforms and make it seem like you're living your best life. You maybe do things just to make sure you have something to post about- but also at the same time you do these things to make sure you're getting out of bed that day. You tweet happy lyrics to good songs. You post on Facebook about something silly or interesting that happened today. Instagram is plastered with smiling photos of you or cool lunch spots you've found and eaten at.
 What you don't post is how you're moving on offline. How you're able to look at old photographs of you two without tears streaming down your face. You are at a point now where you have these memories that sort of make you smile but you also are happy that you two left each other. How you no longer have to pull over when Praying comes on the radio to cry in your car. You can turn the station without caring, or just let the song play and pass. How you struggle to remember the exact shade of blue or grey or green their eyes were. How you actually struggle to remember their voice, their smile, or anything about them now. You forget their brother's name, or their dog's name, or their mom's name. How you no longer stop to rad their horoscope when checking on yours. You forget their birthday, when your anniversary was, and every little date that involved them. When taking their exit or passing their neighborhood or street you no longer secretly hope you'll pass them- all while at the same time totally dreading seeing them too. How your mood doesn't waiver if you see something about them pop up on your feed- whether it's them moving on, graduating college, getting a new job, moving out of state. How you have deleted or blocked their phone number. Their Instagram handle doesn't pop up as recently searched when you go to look for someone. How you don't care to talk to them anymore, thinking maybe a spark of conversation would reunite you two back to what you had one day.
 What you do post is photos that are truly of you happy- not forcing or faking a smile for the benefit of showing them that you're doing great when they check on your page. You post about your new job, or your new apartment, or new pet. You eventually update your relationship status from single to in a relationship. You tweet about this cute thing your significant other did. You post a photo of you two with what could be captioned as relationship goals for people to double tap. Because you've moved on, and your social media actually shows that now. Since everyone always needs to see and know what's going on in everyone's life.

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