My Missed Connections

  1. We actually sort of dated for 6 months- many years ago, weird to think about it like that and to call you a 'missed connection'. But a few months ago we started talking here and there- actually it was more like you sent me a message, I didn't read it till days later then sent you one, and you didn't see it till days after that. It went on like that for a little while then we just stopped all together. We haven't spoken since. 
  2. You were my waiter at this little restaurant on Montgomery road that closed a little while ago. But we met a year or so ago- you were my waiter almost every time I went there for a few months. I think you were a year younger than me because we talked about college once then I never saw you once fall rolled around. You touched my hand on accident once but let it linger for a while before pulling it away the last time we saw each other. 
  3. We saw each other at a concert. You looked over in my direction and smiled a cute toothy grin. You had on all black. I had short brown hair then, wearing a pink stripped crop top and little high waisted light blue shorts. I smiled back at you but I think it was too dark to see. But we totally had a moment. You were moving your head to the music and I was singing along.
  4. You are/were my exes roommate. That's all I'll say.
  5. I was driving down the highway during rush hour. You had your windows rolled up but could hear the music I was blasting as I was parked next to you. There must've been a crash or something because the whole song played before I moved. It was summer. You had black hair and thick black rimmed glasses, wearing a nice white button up shirt- you probably just left your 9-5 job from downtown. You rolled your window down to listen to the last minute of my song. You moved your head up and down along with the beat as I sorta danced in my seat. It was Robbers by The 1975 if you were wondering.
  6. I kissed your roommate- well actually he kissed me, but I was totally into you. This missed connection could've totally been one sided but I felt like we had a second of something when we were talking on your front porch. You were wearing someone else's 21st birthday sash when you walked up to me and said "hey Instafamous". I wanted to keep talking to you, but your roommate came back outside and you left for Pieology 15 minutes before we did. We saw you walking back and I was tempted to turn back around. But then when I went back to your house, which is right next to mine- your roommate kissed me a few times in the front yard and I knew you'd only be a second long missed connection. Maybe I'll see you around walking your house pup while I'm walking the track like I always do at our "backyard". 
  7. You happened to be at a concert I went to this year. I went to many, six to be exact, and you were at one of them. We made a lot of eye contact the entire night- and whenever we did I would smile and you'd give me that smug little grin from across the way then look down before looking away. I don't know if you were with someone else but I feel like if we would've crossed paths after the show, I would like to hope you would've said hello and asked for my number.

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