2017 in Pixels

 I highly recommend doing a 2018 in Pixels if you haven't started yet. Looking at this has helped me remember even more of 2017 in the good and bad ways. I personally have trouble remembering things due to my PTSD going on overdrive and blocking out more than I please to have blocked out. But with this, not only has it showed me I actually did have a lot of better days this year than I thought, it also showed me how many days were actually bad. Even if I had a bad moment in a day, it may still have been overall good so I wouldn't out a blacked out box or a red one, I'd put what ever else the majority of the day was like.
 It has also helped me pin point certain days in my life from this year. Like why was I sad on this day or why was this a special day. It's all like a picturesque diary of colors correlating to different days. I've already started for 2018 and so far it's going pretty well!

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