Go Ask Alice

 Go Ask Alice is a great book to read, it is an anonymous diary reading all transferred to this little book. It first was published back in 1971 and since then there have been millions of copies sold. It talks all about a first hand account of how being served a soft drink laced with LSD at a party turned into a extremely long downward spiral.
 The novel starts with her life a little bit before the party where she takes it and goes from there. That downward spiral of hers involved everything from drugs, alcohol, sex, and living anywhere but home.
 While it is a triggering topic and I'm warning you now, it is a great read and I've always been a fan of books that actually teach you important things. While reading this I learned my own sister was reading it for her classes too but while in any other school/ high school I feel like this teaching would've been banned.
 This is an honest account of falling into the life of addiction, all due to the fact that she was drugged at a party by some dumb game. The game was that everyone would drink a soft drink out of cups that looked the same- but only some of the cups contained a drink with LSD.
 During her trip she's nervous, anxious, and a little freaked out. But afterwards, she got really curious about drugs- if LSD is like this, is pot a better trip? It's herbal, so is it laid back? And more questions like that- all triggered by this one trip. All of these questions and want to try more drugs to experience other trips is caused by this one and with that, many question the novel itself thinkings- if she had never been drugged would she have ever wanted to try others and gone down this road?

 *Highlight below for spoilers*
This unnamed girl didn't ever decided to do drugs on her own, she didn't choose to have schizo tendencies, to rip her skin and hair out in a rage, tearing her own nails out of her fingers. She didn't want to basically kill herself because of being so consumed by drugs that she got to such a horrible place.

 It shows a reality that some people face first hand while others see second hand. Not every single addict in this world has put themselves in this position first hand. And a lot of people in this world have such little tolerance for people who are addicts- thinking they just made a bad choice to decide to become one. But that's totally not 100% the case- I know that first hand and so does my father. My dad was adopted with no idea of his background, he did the college and even high school thing of drinking at parties. Because he drank so early in his life and did so in a heavy way as well in college he triggered the alcohol genes in him. Now for me, I don't drink that often. That being said I just went to a friends house and drank some red wine (my dad's drink of choice) but I nursed the glass and didn't even finish it. For some people, like the unnamed girl in this story, she never witnessed what drugs did to people first hand. She had no idea, what they could do to her. She also didn't know she was taking them, she had no idea it would trigger all these things for her.
 This novel also teaches you that you never know whats going on behind closed doors- even her parents had no idea what she was doing behind her bedroom closed doors. And when she runs away to live with a girl she met in a 'better place' the same things happen. You can read it all yourself and even read the scramble of words that string together to make no sense too. It notes when she's written things on paper bags or on napkins, or actually in her diary. This whole sad tale is really eye opening to a lot of people including me- and while I've tried my best to only talk a little bit about certain parts and not spoil too much I hope I've repeated the important parts enough for people to understand it. 

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