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 There are many plants that I own, I believe the number is up to 11 or 14- I can't remember but there are quiet a few I have sitting among my apartment. But there are a few I own that help me out when I'm not feeling to well or when Cali gets a little too rough at play time and scratches my arm up a bit. Also oils of plants I can't grown on my own. I own a few that purify the air and help little wounds when you get cut, or simply spruce up the taste of your tea or coffee (by the way- add lavender maple syrup to your coffee, you'll thank me later). I figured I'd share these little herbs and plants with all of you, as I venture into the Wiccan life I've learned about more plants I should keep on hand.

 Aloe plants are a big need in my life- I currently have one still living in my little apartment. It's not only a great moisturizer but it also can you when you burn yourself on a candle or stove top. This adorable little succulent will of course look adorable sitting on your windowsill or if you have it like me, sitting on a bar stool against my sliding glass doors, but it also can help an open cut. My cat isn't declawed so when I forget to clip her nails down a bit and she's a bit wild playing, I've broken off a little piece and rubbed it on the cut. Also skin irritation, it's helped me with that too and has soother some sunburns of mine.
 Cayenne, boy do I have a love/hate relationship with this little bugger. Once when I had tonsillitis (which I get a lot) my old boss had me run across the street and get a Cayenne 'flu shot' drink from the juicer. We had a joke that it was nicknamed the Devil's Piss because it burns so badly, and I almost instantly vomited when I first drank it- my mom had not warned me on what it was when she said "here try this". But wow after holding my nose, and holding back tears, I chugged that baby and felt better. I've tried ice cream, cold tea, hot tea, warm soup, and antibiotics to calm tonsillitis but nothing worked better than Cayenne did. So if you add it to your tea, enjoy the kick but you'll feel better soon. Also- for a salve mix it with beeswax and olive oil, it'll help with the pain.
 Green Tea- yes green tea of course, it has tons of helpful uses to it. It's got a bunch of antioxidant compounds in it so drinking a warm cuppa green tea can prevent cell damage and even fight diseases.  I drink a cup before bed after a nice bubble bath to destress and get me relaxed for the night.
 Ginger is another little helper. I have a yummy tea that has a lot of ginger in it that I drink. Ginger has been proven to help reduce nausea whether caused my just feeling icky or having it as morning sickness. Also seasickness- you can use that in place of the patches, placebos, head bands, wristbands, sprays, or capsules that you eat, drink, or wear instead.
 Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel are two babies I keep on my bathroom shelves at all times. Witch Hazel you can find in drug stores- I use it personally as a sooner to clean up my skin and also to prevent acne. It also has soothed some of my bug bites during the summer. Tea Tree Oil has done the same with acne prevention too. It's also said to help bee stings not sting as much, but I wouldn't know for sure before I've never been stung thank god. But I've heard it soothes the pain a bit, though doesn't get that stinger out.
 I also wanted to add in Lavender as a plant and oil you should have on hand. A few days ago I helped my friend climb through his trunk and the cup holder hole to unlock his frozen car- in return he paid me in cinnamon tea and this really great coffee that involved a little bit of chocolate and lavender maple syrup. It was literally the best coffee I've ever had and I'm going to buy those ingredients and make that coffee as much as possible now. But besides in coffee, Lavender helps with a lot of other things. I have a severely sensitive scalp so when I dye my hair or even use the wrong shampoo- it feels like it's on fire and I want to rip my hair out. Even when I just wash it with water, if I don't massage my scalp while wet it burns. So I've started putting lavender essential oil into a bottle of water and after I wash my hair completely I put a bit of that on my scalp and massage my head. It's helped significantly! Plus it's also a sweet thing to put in your lemonade too.
 Overall there are a lot more plants, herbs, and oils I can talk more about but with a little bit of research you can find even more things to use aloe, lavender, and green tea for I bet.

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