I'm a John Green Novel

 Remember how when I first met the man I last was in a relationship with? It was at a frat party, we were laughing about me knowing Fred in a kitchen at 2 am? Well I mentioned my life was a John Green novel- the kind he writes but scraps later on realizing it might not be the best novel he's written... Well I was right.
 Let's go back to my day in Cleveland- I still haven't posted all the photos from my spontaneous trip to Cleveland yet because I'm currently debating keeping them to myself or posting them. But anyways- I went to Cleveland and had a wonderful time back in November. The whole day was magnificent. I explored a little bit more of it, went to a few cafes, a few shops, a new concert venue I had not been in before. So many things made the trip a wonderful day.
 The drive up was filled by singing along to my road trip playlist of songs from today all the way to the 80's. In desperate need of something to keep me warm and craving caffeine, the first stop was at this little place called Erie Island Coffee Company. I ended up getting the largest cup of coffee I could find, with a muffin and cookie too. I sat down at this little table with this cute boy, who enjoyed my trip with me, and started talking about all the other people in the shop. That's how my day started with this mystery boy.
 We drank coffee and made jokes among jokes. We gave background stories to everyone in the coffee, and reasons as to why they were here. The couple behind us, on their first date. The two guys sitting to the right, high school buddies. One guy runs an illegal pawn shop, the other has a wife and kids. The guy in the business suit with headphones from 2001 is totally listening to Screamo music. After finishing breakfast we both started to explore this city we both had only been to once before. Making sure to stop in a store and get a hat for him with 'Cleveland' all around the hat and a cute pom-pom on the top- the man's go to kind of hat. I grabbed a shirt and a postcard then we headed on our way along the streets. We went all the way to the water's edge, taking pictures of each other as we went, and getting lost in parking lots. He took a lot of photos of  me, I felt sorta giddy to be in front of the camera instead of behind. Though I do have a decent amount of photos of me, they're usually posed and somewhat staged. But not knowing, having candids, or simply hearing "Sophie," and turning around to see a kodak facing towards me was sort of fun. He even pulled me against him and took a photo of me with the sun in our eyes.
 We strolled through the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, getting pulled aside and asked if we could stand here and there for photos and B roll film for them. They told us to talk about the museum but with the little we knew- since we were joking about what outfits we would wear that were hung up more than learning about them- the girl snapping photos gave us a topic to discuss: pickles. We went from talking about how I dislike pickles to why John Mayer's Pickle Rick shoes were the best shoes to go with this hot pink and orange velvet jumpsuit we were standing in front of. I still haven't found the photos and I really hope they erased the audio like they promised or else you'll hear me say the words "I would actually wear white go-go boots with that without you paying me" and the mass laughter that received.
 After we walked around the museum we headed back up into the city. The House of Blues was where we decided to eat before the concert we bought last minute tickets to at their venue. I got one of the greatest bowls of mac and cheese you could have and a raspberry lemonade. We talked about our pasts and futures and asked the hard hitting questions in between lighter ones and little laughs. It was like a mild version of Paper Towns or The Fault in Our Stars without the sad moments and tears or angry screams. I'm being vague about it though because I want that day to be more of a memory just for me- because that spontaneous trip to Cleveland was something I desperately needed. It was the last true place I had felt happy.
 But anyways, after my meal I walked through some back doors to the venue and took a stand towards the back a bit. The concert I went to was obviously the Jack & Jack Fall Tour one considering I posted a lot of photos from just that already. But I loved it- I loved dancing to every song wildly and with every bone in my body. I didn't care that I could see cameras on me- it seems that they were filming that night for a music video or video diary of some sort (can you spot me?). I just danced all night to all the songs I didn't know, I remembered from a long time ago, and new unreleased ones. I had even gone to my car right before I went through HOB's behind the stage entrance and listened to a few songs I hadn't heard of. But the concert, the feeling, the vibe, the sounds, the lights, the beat hitting me inside my chest. It was all so amazing. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. I just let myself get lost in the music, smiling up at the stage, and allowed myself to feel bliss. It took me back to the Q Arena back on August 2nd when my life was completely different but that this feeling was there too. I realized it was this euphoric feeling I got because of music. Whether I was alone or with someone or feeling depressed hours before or ecstatic. This feeling wrapped up the night and I loved it. At the end of the concert a few girls had come up to me and made comments of one of the Jack's looking at me all night and we all know how that went the next few weeks. But I joked with them and ended up making friends with some of them- even planning future get togethers if and when they came to Cincy.
 I spent a little more time in Cleveland that night but by the time the moon started to go back down I was heading back to Cincinnati feeling whole again. Singing along to songs from the 90's and 00's while seeing all the stars you can't always see in the city. Plus I already had plans to go to the Jack & Jack concert at Bogarts in the following week.
 I know I didn't say many specifics this time about my mystery date and how I spent my day but there's a reason for that. And who knows, maybe I'll post my photos soon. Maybe I won't.

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