Parallel Universes

 I've been thinking about parallel universes lately- I know, it sounds a little weird. But I've read a lot of books, seen a lot of movies, and played Bioshock enough times to put a little bit of my time thinking about them. I always sort of call them out when a wild thought pops into my head. Whether it's to impulsively throw the 210th crystal Tiffany & Co. vase that I have to shoot at or to not throw the $600 vase. Or if I should skip work the next day and drive to Chicago, Toronto, or New York- or not do it at all. I call them out in the moment they happen and tell myself "in a parallel universe I would've done that".
 It really makes me think because time really is a man made construct. Some people believe that all of time is happening right now- all at once, in a million different ways. But our brain just perceives it this way, in this order. That basketball game I played in middle school, my high school crush walking past me with his girlfriend, me tripping while I walked up my sidewalk last month- it all happens at once but we put it in a chronological order, something Instagram doesn't.
 I bring this up because it's made me think of all the choices in my future. I have a road trip that I keep bringing up everywhere- because I'm so excited about it- that can lead me to a million different places. It's happening in June, but I have no idea about the locations or days I'll be on it! I'm desperate to plan it but since I'm not going alone I can't just plan it all right this instant. I can plan the bikinis, denim shorts, and cropped tops I'll be living in. I can plan the blankets I'll throw in the car. I can plan the music I'm putting in my Road Trip playlist. I can pick a million ideas for photos I'd like to take. But that's about it, and even with all of that there are multiple outcomes.
 Just with this road trip there are millions of outcomes. One could be that Toronto is a destination, another has me going out towards Seattle, or over to Houston. Imagine you have a weekend to go somewhere in your country, anywhere with nothing holding you back. You have multiple options right? So in different universes you go to those different places. You go to New York City, or you go to Paris, or you go to Amsterdam.
 Or you go to that school event you were debating, you go to that party you're thinking about canceling, you go on that date you feel too nervous to do. Be the universe where you go out and do that said thing, you eat that said dessert, you travel to that said location. Be the one in the universe where the memories are made. Don't be the universe where you think "in a parallel universe I would've done that". Unless of course, that idea of yours is way too wicked or plain bad.

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