Arie & Becca From The Bachelor

by - March 09, 2018

 The title says it all and if you watched my Instagram or Snapchat story of me responding to the episode live then you know I find Arie to be complete trash and my PTSD flashbacks are here in full force. I got breakup vibes from my first breakup the second the camera switched from a personal interview with Arie talking about breaking up with Becca to Becca smiling happily at some gorgeous getaway home showing off her engagement ring.
 If you haven't read my posts regarding my first breakup, here's the run down.
 I was madly falling for this great guy- who gave me the most perfect Valentine's Day dinner. We had a great relationship, he was the perfect first boyfriend, everything was grand. Then the next day, the 15th, at like eight in the morning he dumped me while still laying in my bed beside me.
 Fast forward to over a year later and I see the poppy field of red flags that I wading through while with him- all puppy eyed and naive. I realize how controlling and manipulative he actually was. How insane I would've been to stay with him when he literally told me one night 'I wonder how you'll be when I break up with you'. I realize I deserve so much better and that starter boyfriend of mine is nothing to fret over- he's just another person who was temporarily in my life. And now, all grown up, I'm watching the episode of The Bachelor where Arie dumps Becca- and I'm livid.
 I get it, I get breaking up with someone because you no longer have feelings for someone- or maybe you have stronger feelings for someone else. But for him to propose to her was wrong if he knew he loved someone else. Then to call her away to some gorgeous location for a nice getaway- and let everyone around her feed into her happy moments- only to break up with her like right after you get there... Oh! But then- to corner her in the bathroom while she's sobbing, and begging her to just talk to you, to listen to what you have to say, to not leave when she's asking/begging you to just go... all they needed next was Arie to call Becca's mom and you'd have my first breakup plastered all over tv. Add in a sound clip of me stress vomiting after my ex left and it would be "picture perfect".

 Honestly I can't stand Arie, I was rooting for him to finally find love- I even thought of him as a low-key Patrick Dempsey! But at the end of that breakup all I was rooting for was Becca to give him a good ol' Spanish soap opera slap across the face. He just sat there after Becca repeatedly told him to leave, double emphasis on repeatedly. At least my trash of an ex had the decency to pack up his shit and leave before I threw the vase of roses at him, which I made him take with him. Arie literally just follows her around the house and then finally says "okay, I have to go" like no dude she freaking told you to leave. You are able to walk out of her life but can't walk out of the house? How pathetic.
 And for The Bachelor to blast this all over tv- it's disgraceful. My entire heart goes out to Becca because I know how you feel girlie- I may or may not have been in love with my first boyfriend (who knows honestly) but for you the whole thing was so much more amplified and I'm so sorry this happened to you. I get every feeling you had- you mourned the metaphorical death of your relationship and future. You were all in, heart and soul, and ready to live your entire life with this man. All I can say to you is that if you happen to stumble upon this little blog post- you will find someone so much better. Whether that's during the next season of The Bachelorette or somewhere else along the lines of your life. Any man who can so easily lie to you about feelings so strong and flip your world upside down for his own gain deserves to be alone. You are a gorgeous woman, you seem incredibly kind, my literal heart goes out to you. Also go out there and take as many interviews as you can, make that money. I made like $300 off of my blog posts discussing my breakup- you can make so much more and buy yourself some wonderful things. Much love to you from a girl who was sorta in the same shoes, just smaller.
 And to Arie- I hope Lauren wises up and leaves you and you go home alone.

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