The Untouchable Men

 I've dated a few men who thought they were untouchable- whether it was because they had money, they had status, or they've never been taught the meaning of 'no'. I've been in a relationship with an untouchable man. He took what he wanted from me and destroyed me in his wake. When he finally sat down on my couch and we ended things I called him out. He looked taken aback, he looked shocked, he looked confused. You could see it on his face that he had no idea I felt these things or took note of the things he did. He had no idea I had this voice of my own- this voice I was now using to call him out on all the things he did.
 I took the voice I gathered from the waves of the sea and threw it against him. I labeled him what he was- I laid it out for him to see. I told him what I thought- of his actions, of his behaviors, of his words he lashed upon me. I gathered the strength I found from wandering along the shore of the sea and spit it back at him. Like salt water in fresh wounds. Akin to poison in his veins. I let him know what I thought of him being an untouchable man- and I think I was the first woman to ever strike him at his core. I think I was the first to lay hands on him- and made him no longer an untouchable man.
 You should never date an untouchable man. They treat your body like a rehabilitation center- no woman is that for a man. They treat you like something they own- they mistake your loyalty for blind following. They think you'll never speak up- they treat your silence like gold. They think any rules you set for yourself or anyone sets at all are just guidelines they should consider following, but never will. They blow past stop signs and ignore yellow lights. They think you eat up their words like honey on a spoon. They think you follow their path like a puppy looking for a home. They make you feel small. Oh god are they good at making you feel small. They make you feel like a flicker of a flame off a little white lighter. But love, you are the sun. You are not that temporary flame lighting the end of his cigarette. You are the sun.

 These untouchable men are toxic to you and anyone in their path. They never think they'll come crashing down- but eventually they will. And when they do- you won't want to be around. Because they'll crash and fall at the realization they aren't some young god walking around with their head held high. They're just like anyone else. They're human. Or worse- they're nothing. They'll eventually fly to close to the sun and melt in it's rays. And they'll realize they are no longer untouchable men.

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