The Depressed Person's Guide to Self Care

 As you all know recently I've been very depressed, though I'm slowly getting better now with the warmer weather I do want to say how I survived the colder months. Self care is very important in way too many ways, but when you're depressed you sometimes forgo anything that can be considered taking care of yourself or your safe place (aka home).
 Taking care of your body is the main important part- but let's tackle your home first. Because let's be honest, if you're bedroom is cluttered then you probably don't even feel like walking past that pile of clothes on your floor to bathe yourself. So let's start with your dirty clothes, or the clean ones you haven't put away. Now first grab your laptop, open it up and go to your music stations of choice. Turn on a playlist and get it ready. Then go to Youtube and get a video of fifteen minutes ready to play. Now you've probably heard of HITT workouts- we're going to do that. Clean up the clothes or put them away, and then move on to the rest of your room for fifteen minutes while your music plays. Then take a break, watch a video, queue up the next one- then get back to cleaning for fifteen. I did this with comedy specials on Netflix- since you didn't have to necessarily watch them I'd set a timer for fifteen minutes and clean then sit down and watch.
 How about those dishes in the sink? I'm the type of person to leave them to soak and then next thing you know I have no forks left. Here's what I do- during those three minute commercial breaks I go and wash my dishes. Once my little drying rack is filled I finish the rest of the tv show and put them away at the end of it (about thirty minutes to dry). It's just like the clothes, but now you can watch Grey's Anatomy while also cleaning your kitchen.
 Your fridge is empty? You're hungry but don't want to go deal with groceries for an hour? You can Postmates your food to your address or you can run to Kroger and grab a million pre-made meals. Healthy Choice is literally a good healthy choice for you to grab and stick in the microwave for five minutes. Or those ready to go salads in the fruit and veggie department- I used to walk to Piggly Wiggly and grab one for lunch because it made me walk a ways too.
 Now time for yourself- turn on some music and turn on the shower. Plug the drain if you have one of those shower/tubs and hop in. This is called a "shub"- I'd like to say my dad invented it and so would he so that's what I'm saying. Basically, this is the lazy man's shower. You simply sit down and let the water fill the tub a bit and shower. I have a retractable shower head so I pull that down to me in order to wash my hair. You don't have to stand, but you're not just laying in a tub not doing anything. You are letting the warm water hit you and hopefully washing your body with soap and then can sorta just relax in the soapy water. It's not the most perfect shower but it's better than nothing.
 New clothes and new sheets are a good idea too. I know, it seems like a lot of work- but who doesn't love fresh sheets? Whether they are satin or silk or fuzzy- clean sheets always feel nice. And fresh clothes from your closet after a good shower? It's the best idea for you right now when all you can get yourself to do is the bare minimum.
 Those are the main and essential things I do when majorly depressed and feeling like I can't do anything at all. Sometimes you don't feel like you can do much but even just doing two things is overall better than nothing. Even if you can only do one, that's perfect too.

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