Emotional Support Animals

 If you've looked at some of my social media you'll know I have two cats chilling among my jungle of plants in my apartment. I've had California- a five year old plump Calico- since I was sixteen. She's a great cat- trained very well, super cuddly, extremely caring, and even a bit stubborn. I started to train her for little things when she was about two years old or maybe three. She first learned how to sit for a treat- now she knows a bunch of tricks even she taught herself.
 She's my ESA- my Emotional Support Animal. When I'm getting anxious she comes and calms me down- somethings licking my face or laying within reach- or even on top- of me. When I start to have a panic attack or am sobbing, she comes over to me and licks my face. If that doesn't calm me down she sits in my lap and gently places her teeth on my cheek as if to bite me but applying no pressure. She'll start whining and crying too. But if all that fails she sits in my lap and squirms as I try to hold her still- she won't run away but she'll pretend to. Sometimes I even take her out with me if I absolutely need it. Not all places allow ESA's- they aren't service animals so you can't just take them anywhere. But I will email locations before hand to see if they allow them, usually they do if in a carrier. She's learned to hop into any bag that is placed on the ground like it's time to go on a trip. Part of me thinks she's learned to really like sitting in bags too though now that she associates it with good things. Cali has also learned my schedule for work days and days off. In the mornings she wakes me up a few minutes before my alarm will go off on days off- she won't wake me up at 5:30 in the morning though for work days because she's not a fan of me leaving. But she'll butt her head against me when its meal time and her food isn't there- which I always try to eat with her to keep myself on a schedule too. If I'm in the bath for too long she gets anxious and starts scratching at the door- or if it's open she comes in and starts crying. She also always tells me when it's bed time, she'll sit in the hall by my kitchen and look at me until I notice her. The second I do she gets up and goes into the bedroom, if I don't fall her then she repeats this until I do.
 I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Cali, so that's why I got another kitten to keep her company. I got Sylvia about a month ago. She's a rambunctious little black kitten who is only three months old. I was told she was mellow but that is far from the truth- I love her already though. Her and Cali have become best of friends and it's been so cute to watch her figure out everything. She's quickly learning her meal time, she's almost got sitting down under control. She notices my bedtime routine that I have and when it's time for her to settle down. She's going to be my second Emotional Support Animal because I feel like a few of the things I've tried to teach Cali- she doesn't care about. So with Sylvia- being much younger and hopefully easier to train- I'll teach her other things. She'll learn what Cali knows (besides the teeth on cheek bit because Cali just does that on her own) and more so that when I need something that Cali doesn't know I can have her do it instead. Like fetch- as weird as it sounds, Cali sort of knows how to do it but doesn't care for it. I've already seen Syliva is probably better at it then Cali.
 But with Emotional Support Animals, if you check your state laws, you may be able to find out that you can have one even in a non-pet friendly apartment. My apartment currently only allows one pet, and only one cat. But if you walk down my private sidewalk you'll see my neighbor in my building has an ESA that is a bird! Legally my state is required to allow ESA's to live where ever their owner lives. And you can also bring them on planes- remember the peacock? You can talk to your doctor about getting one and if they are a good idea for you. Personally, knowing Cali can bring me out of a panic attack is very comforting. Especially if I don't know which purse one of my three inhalers are.

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