Essential Oils

 Recently my mom has been teaching me more and more about essential oils. The benefits of them, the things they can help or cure, and how to use them- whether to diffuse or digest or apply topically. As you've read in my recent posts I've been going more natural for a lot of things- yoga to calm down, oils to cure a stomach ache, herbs to help anxiety- like dandelion root and chamomile in a tea I made.
 You can actually buy some oils from the same place I get mine. Even a whole kit if you like including a diffuser and a few to get started. It's called My Young Living. I've learned a lot about it from my mother who works with and sells the essential oils but I've also read that Ellen Pompeo uses them too!
 I also did a little video on my Young Living kit which included oils like Lemon, Thieves, Peppermint, Panaway, Copaiba, R.C., Purification, Peace & Calming, Frankincense, Lavender, and Digize. Many of which I have already found so many uses for like Digize and Thieves!

 If you have an upset stomach- like I did for a solid week due to a stress attack related to work- I learned that if you put two drops of Digize and two drops of Peppermint in your water it can help that! I lived off of water and saltines for a good week so having that little bit of essential oil help definitely made my stomach feel a bit better.
 Also, I know that Ginger wasn't in the kit but my mom has a bottle of it at her desk at work! So during my twelve and a half hour shifts at my current job I sneak upstairs during my first break and drop two little droplets of Ginger into my water. Along with two of lemon as well- in ice cold water. I drink that throughout the day and right before I drink it all I just keep refilling my bottle.
 Thieves is a great cleaning essential oil! Sometimes- TMI maybe(?)- my cats really stink it up in my itty bitty apartment. Fans aren't always the best and sometimes its too cold to open the windows or I'm leaving for the day and just don't want to come home to a stinky apartment. So- I drop some Thieves into my diffuser and let it run on a timer in my family room! I have two diffusers so sometimes I put one in my bathroom too to really tackle that smell.
 There's a lot you can do with essential oils whether it's to help out with a headache or to cleanse your house with some Purification. I even use them with some of my Wicca practices or meditation time- yoga as well of course! But I definitely recommend picking up some of these high quality oils to brighten your life.

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