Why I Went Wiccan

 I looked into Wicca back in high school- I was given a religion assignment by my history teacher and was also watching Charmed for like the thirtieth time. We had to cover what it meant to be a Christian, Jew, and Muslim. Now I've been to Catholic school and disliked it since the beginning (or at least for as long as I could remember). I also remember saying "I'm half Jewish so why am I even here?" a few times while being forced to read the bible. I didn't celebrate becoming a woman on my thirteenth birthday with a Bat Mitzvah but I have celebrated just about every other Jewish holiday with my dad's side of the family. But anyways, I wrote about what I knew and researched what I didn't. After those three religions, we were told to pick one other one. So I picked Wiccan. Charmed had me intrigued by it, I loved seeing how empowered the women were compared to the damsels in destress I was raised with by Disney (still love me a bad ass red head mermaid though) so I looked further into that religion.
 I recently bought a few books about Wicca to really learn more. Essential Wicca, How To Become a Witch, Wiccapedia, Basic Witches, and more. After reading a few of the books I realize I relate closely to Angelic Wicca. I respect the earth and the living things on it- hence my recent change to becoming a Pescatarian rather than a half vegan. So far so good, no meat has passed these lips since April. But Angelic Wiccans tend to has a big fascination with taking care of plants, which you could say I fit with considering I currently have 28 plants in my small apartment. I'm also interested in holistic practices for more things like aromatherapy and even reading tarot cards, palmistry, and astrology- I've also recently started looking into numerology. But I'm all about natural remedies for things and that's why I, personally, don't take pills for my anxiety or depression. I use other things like for example yoga- I do yoga once a day now. I walk, outside preferred. I drive and blast music- usually Logic or Chance when I really need to just get out of my head.
 I also picked Wicca because it's not like Christianity. I think I was sort of forced to have that as my religion as a kid and still to this day have to be careful about saying "Hey I'm not Christian" around family members on my mom side. But I picked it because it's not like "you mixed clothing material so you're going to hell" or "you have a bowl cut so you're going to hell". I don't believe in a god and I don't believe one person decides on whether or not you go to a good place or bad place. I believe in karma, good and bad. With Wicca- whatever good you do, you get three times back. Same with whatever bad you do.
 But back to the earth and it being related to the life of a Wiccan. Back before you could pop a Xanax on a plane to calm your anxieties people went to nature. Hell, some people in Colorado are going back to nature to help their anxiety. But Wise Women back in the olden days would go out and find plants to help cure headaches rather than popping a Tylenol. That's what I want to do- I want to break off a bit of my aloe plant to fix my little cuts or burns from cooking. I want to drink chamomile tea when I need to calm down a bit and to relax. I want to use my lavender essential oil during my yoga or meditation sessions to bring peace into my mind.
 Being Wiccan for me is about being closer to the earth. I've always found my mental health is better when the leaves are bright and green and the sun is out more. That's why I have almost 30 plants, the more greenery the better because it helps me be responsible in a way too. I have a handful of essential oils to add into my water when I need something to ease my stomach or to drop in my diffuser when I go to sleep at night. I believe in good karma and good energy which is what Wicca is essentially about. 

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