I'm Moving! Again!

 So if you haven't watched my Instagram stories or Snapchat posts, then you might be a little behind in my life updates. I'm moving! Not cities, not states, but apartments. I'm moving the end of July to a bigger and better location. I'm kissing my college town goodbye- for now- and moving to a little town 15 minutes away. Farther from the city sadly but safer and more space. Plus more sunlight- with the heat of summer hitting us full blast here in Cincinnati, a few of my plants have taken a hit. Now that I'll be moving to a 1,000 square foot apartment with more than two windows actually on the second floor- I can open them and let the sun and breeze in. Plus the flow of the place is amazing, it's not just a big box cut up into little rooms. It's got a character. It's super old, so old in fact they used to have a hole in the floor where they had a string tied to a bell in the dining room. You'd ring the bell and the maid would come up the back stairs into the kitchen and serve you dinner. Sadly they are painting the original wood trim a white and painting the white walls a light grey. Majorly bummed about that so I'm trying not to think about it too hard.
 But I'm excited. I'll be moving to a little place called Oakley, I actually worked in a salon there from 2016-2017. I know the area decently well, still go there a lot to go grocery shopping and such. Surprisingly, my partner is moving about 10 minutes down the road from me in Oakley as well if he gets the place he wants. Hopefully, this one lasts longer than a season and is a healthy relationship unlike the last. I'd say it is so far.
 The reason I wanted to bring up moving though is because I know it'll take a little while to get on my feet during and after the move. I'll have posts scheduled for the days I'll be too busy- or without wifi- but just in case I go MIA from here for a little while. Just know I'm busier than a bee in spring so I can't sit down for a bit and bust out a post. I know my mind will be swirling with ideas though. Moving tips may be a new topic for me that I tackle. I've talked about packing for vacation and tips for travel but this is different than when I last moved. Last time I had five boxes to move. Now I'm expecting at least thirty- three of which will be just heavy hardback books.
 I'm truly excited though- it's a big move and a big step from where I am in life and where I'm living right now. So, here we go to the next chapter.

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