Importance of Plants

 I now have about thirty plants in my tiny apartment- one of the reasons why I'm looking for a bigger place with more than just two windows. I found a large apartment that has like a hundred windows and a big patio that's slightly further from downtown Cincinnati but is still close to where I live now. But the reason I have so many plants, is because it teaches responsibilities. A plant is a living thing that needs you to take care of it- it needs you to help it grow and give it water. It needs you to turn it towards the sun, repot it when necessary, check the soil. It's like a child- but you can leave them for a while and not be charged with child endangerment.
 But what also comes from having a lot of plants is added benefits. Not only does a lovely plant bring in some green and more oxygen into your life- it also can help you in a holistic way. My aloe plant, which I've taken about before, can have a piece broken off and used to heal sunburns, cuts, and blisters. A plant itself can help reduce your stress and even go as far as to create a feeling of true well-being.
 A plant can make you feel more at ease in your surroundings when you're literally surrounded by plants upon leafy green plants. I'm happiest when in my family room where most of my plants are located since it gets the most sun. I have low light plants littering my bedroom but only a few. I even have a few in my little dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.
 Back to the oxygen plants provide- obviously they help reduce the carbon dioxide levels in the areas they're hung, potted, or planted. They also even help with humidity which is a huge thing in my way too hot apartment. Also certain pollutants and the levels of airborne dust can be reduced too! I've also read somewhere that they help keep air temperatures down too but I'm honestly not too sure what that specifically means or entails. But really, plants can purify the air and environment
 Also- fun little fact- they can help lower the background noise from the surrounding area. Some studies show that plants leaves actually also 'absorb, diffract, or reflect' whatever background noise there may be. That adds in to the comfortability aspect of a place that plants help with.
 Overall there are so many uses for plants and they fill a lot of our basic needs. I've gone a little jungle crazy I suppose- I mean I'm literally moving to a new place where my first thoughts were "look at all the place I can place my plants!" But I highly suggest investing a few bucks into your local plant shop. They'll add a lot of green, and a lot of love to your apartment or house.

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