The Real Jess Mariano

 It's been some time since I last binged Gilmore Girls- I surprisingly forgot some scenes and some things happening even though this is probably the billionth time I've watched it. But it's been a little over a year, almost two, since I've watched the sequel Netflix put out. A Year In The Life.
 Now I know I compare a lot of my life to Gilmore Girls but haven't really touched the Year In The Life bit. Perhaps because I haven't even touched Rory's year of being twenty-two yet so I can't possibly hit that thirty-two year just now. What I did realize though, in a sense of the matter, that I have known my life version of Jess Mariano since August- since last May- since like second grade.
 My one friend I refer to a lot- the guy who understands how hard it can be to be self-aware sometimes- is my version of Jess.
 I have a Jess in my life minus the messy multiple love triangles, relationship story, the "I think I may have loved you.", the gaze between "you wrote a book.", and such. I have a Jess where he now believes in me to write a book, where the tables have turned and he tells me to go on and live my life.
 Hell, my Jess had me write a movie script with a scenario he wrote up to help me keep my mind off of something bitter. I have no idea why I referred to my second partner as Jess- he fit none of the characteristics once I got to really know him.
 My version of a real-life Jess Mariano is someone I consider a very close friend. Someone who gets me out of the ruts my mind sometimes digs me into. Someone who knows the messier side of me and the dark secrets I will tell no one. Someone who does not judge me a single bit. Someone who I admire in all aspects of life. Someone who I hope I can stay friends with for a very long time, even if one of us moves across the country one day. Someone who reassures me of things when I need it. Someone who gives me life advises from 8pm to 5 in the morning. Someone who tells me the things I already know, but just need to hear from someone else.
 I find it funny how I've looked over this comparison for the past ten months. It was right under my nose the entire time. It makes me think though if this is how we are at twenty-one, how might we be at thirty-one?
Anonymous said...

This is perfect! I love that Jess turns out to be a friend of yours rather than lover!

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