Cleveland in July

 I went up to Cleveland in July for a concert, which I'll be writing deeply about later. But I was so excited to be there again. This was my third visit up to the city and I brought my boyfriend along. We both took a billion videos and pictures of our overnight stay. We stayed in a super tall hotel on the 10th floor, we had a view of other buildings across the city, we went exploring all the way to the water before the concert. The next day after the concert and after a quick breakfast near the lobby we decided to get coffee and find a place to go. We headed to Perkin's beach, I have been there once before and took photos there too. I honestly took so many great photos I wish I could post here- but I lost them all. I lost every photo I took in Cleveland, at the concert I've been waiting a lifetime to go, of the beach, of my boyfriend, of us, of the pier. I had the most perfect scenery shots that I could ever ask for in a location like that. I hope to go back in November before it gets too cold so I can hopefully take some of those photos again. But I did luckily bring two Kodak cameras with me. I gave one to Austin and had one for myself but ten minutes into the trip we were grabbing whichever one was closest and snapping shots. I picked them up today after finally getting them developed and thought I would share. I honestly adore them, they're filled with funny faces, the sun shining in our eyes, awkward angles, and happy smiles. You can find more on my main Instagram or little more personal one. Here are a few off of the first camera roll from the start of our journey and around the city itself!

On our way to Cleveland- post Target run

My naked little face all smiley

One window's view from our hotel room

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame peaking out from behind the trees

Kissing Austin on our way to our room

The stadium holding the concert

Perkins Beach from afar

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