High Cut Scoop

Another bikini from Zaful that I found myself really enjoying was this red one! It was a gorgeous bright red with a white inner lining that peaked out just a little bit. This specific style was their 2018 High Cut Scoop Thong Bikini in red! I wore this a few times while on vacation, I preferred this one when on the beach because it gave me just enough of a great tan in all the right places!

 The top of the bikini is scooped just low enough
to where it shows off the perfect amount of your chest. I am an itty bitty B cup so it was able to get my tan line low enough to where it wouldn't peak out in shirts. The straps aren't movable so they don't cross in the back but I don't mind that too much, I'm more used to cross back straps for extra lift. The back of the bottoms are in fact in the style of a thong but they cover a little less than what's considered decent by my mother. I love them though, they make my butt look almost like a real Instagram model's bum looks. Thanks to Thong and Cheekster cuts, you can acquire this look too. Right now, Zaful is having a sale so this bikini is only $16 online.

I find that this bikini looks really good on tan skin as well as pale skin. I wore it once before vacation to see the fit and I was much paler than I am now. I was still complimented on it by the friends and family I showed it to. I think overall, anyone who likes a simplistic bikini in a bold color should pick this one. I prefer this kind of top rather than triangle tops because, with my smaller cup size, this gave me just enough support and lift- that I didn't feel too small in a size small top.

 If you follow me on Instagram you'll find more photos from my bikini-filled vacation and more bikinis from Zaful. Zaful too has a dedicated swimwear page where you can also find more of their bikinis! Check out last weekends Sunday Swimwear for another Zaful bikini on sale as of publishing this! Just in time for the Australian summer!

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