So I've been MIA from my little corner of the world since about late June and since then I'd have to say my life has changed all over the place. From moving to a huge place uptown to checking off life goals from my little list. I've taken a few things more seriously and simultaneously said "fuck it" to a few. I've found out a bit more about myself while dealing with furnishing my apartment and not going stir crazy while here all day. I took two weeks from the world to travel to Hilton Head with my boyfriend A, and that in itself was amazing. I've grown up a bit in a way that I didn't even know I needed to or in fact had until just now. I've taken more perspectives on things and am trying to change things too for the better. I'm learning to handle my mental illnesses better and really listen to my body now, which has taken a slight dip this past week after trying to get back into the mood of being home.
 I have so much on my plate right now and have felt super overwhelmed so I decided to come back to here- which honestly I sort of pushed aside and forgot about. I always come here when my mind it troubled to write blog posts about the things worrying me- but now as I go to write blog posts about arguing with myself over something or not knowing where to step next, I realize those things really don't matter all too much. Every time I go to write a blog post recently- I open an entry and go to write but something else comes up.
 Whether it's my boyfriend telling me to come to relax with him, my family inviting me over for the weekend for an event, or friends messaging me to come over and hang out all night- something distracts me. And honestly, it's been nice to sort of slow down on my blog and Instagram these past few months. I've had so much pressure from the internet recently that I probably only put on myself and I didn't even see the pressures I had until a few days ago. But now I'm looking at everything with a new light and perspective and am ready to jump back into this sea of people.
 I have so much to write about, so many photos to post, so much to share. I can't wait to see what you all think about the future posts I have all queued up and ready to go within the next two months or so. I think things are finally starting to grow in the direction I have always been searching for. Is it silly to say that I feel like one of my plants in my new apartment? I went from a three room, two windowed, tiny 500 sq ft apartment that barely got any sunshine to a giant seven room, twelve windowed, 1,000 sq ft apartment that gets bright sun all day long. I'm flourishing and growing and my little leaves are green, my vines are spreading up towards the light, and I'm super happy.

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