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 My younger sister just joined Tinder last month, and I don't know how to feel about that. She's newly eighteen and I'll be honest, I was on Tinder back when I was a baby-faced adult. I'm still a baby-faced adult but now I'm almost twenty-two so I have more experience in the dating world. I'm not fresh off that bat with wide naive eyes thinking "Oh Tinder, this will be great!" like my sister probably is. 
 My mom has used Tinder before- and for her generation, it's mainly a faster Plenty of Fish like app. For my generation it's a mix of meeting people, hooking up with people, and wasting people's time. I was extremely picky while using Tinder- I don't do hookups so the second I'd see a guy was leaving towards that I'd unmatch them and move on. There are so many jokes I've heard about girls vs guy using Tinder- my own current boyfriend even made a joke about how he used to use Tinder vs me! He'd swipe right on everyone then go through his matches and the only message the people he was actually interested in. Meanwhile, my mom and her friends would swipe left on a guy if he didn't use a comma in his bio where it was needed. Which I totally understand.
 I found my first boyfriend on Tinder actually- we swiped right on each other and he pulled me in with talks of Paris and Monet. He chased me for eight months straight over texts, trying to get me to go on a first date with him while I worked on things, moved into my first apartment, and traveled a bit. He sent me Audrey Hepburn photos, Mac Miller's The Devine Feminine, and silly puns. He was a good guy and almost perfect first boyfriend- but then that relationship ended with fiery flames and I swore off Tinder for a decent while. I met a guy through a friend and dated him for a bit (horrid relationship) and then went back on Tinder a few months after that. I've used Tinder since I was eighteen but with different mindsets, though always similar intentions- find a boy to date who you've probably accidentally walked past on campus. 
 I used Tinder because going out and meeting people was hard for me when I worked weird hours, never seemed to go to the right places to meet the right people, and just didn't care to waste my time in person dealing with. I downloaded Tinder, inserted something about "Partners in Crime" spot available, posted a bunch of photos from shoots, and started swiping right on artistic looking profiles of people. I knew I'd tell the guys straight up- I'm here to date, not to sit on your couch while you smoke a blunt and think you're getting lucky tonight. I'm here to maximize my dating potential and maybe network a bit- I honestly always gain a lot of local followers every time I get on Tinder and connect my Instagram.
 I've had my fair share of horror stories though to go along with the good date stories. I've had to leave dates in parking lots, break off things with them only to have them break things off with me a week later, even spent over a hundred dollars on a date before because the other guy thought I was a millionaire and didn't bring his wallet... I know other girls, and even guys, who have had horror stories of their Tinder dates. Even while on a Tinder date with this guy, he told me how he almost got killed by this girl in a totally empty house.
 I think everyone uses Tinder for different things and if they don't stay clear on those intentions, that's how the crazy stories pop up. That and also the fact that some crazy people are on Tinder too. Overall  I think my sister will be fine with Tinder, she will deal with the good and the bad of it all but hopefully, she's simply just ready for the dating world. I can only wonder what it will be like if my sister, mom, and I were all single at the same time using Tinder would be like. I already almost freaked out when my sister said she was talking to a 20-year old whose name was the same as the 19-year old I dated a decent while back. Here's to hoping everyone who still uses the app finds their perfect love or the great hookup they're looking for. For now, I'll be kicking it with my boyfriend in my nice new apartment with our island tans, who I may or may not have met on Tinder...

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