White Smocked Bikini

 Over the entire span of my island vacation, I wore a different bikini basically every day. Stopping here and there to take that perfectly cliche touristy bikini picture that will later end up on Instagram. It was so much fun though! It had me exploring even more of the island that I have been going to since I was an itty bitty baby. Each year I go for two weeks and always end up finding new things to do or new places to go.
 This trip, all of my bikinis were supplied from the lovely array of style on Zaful! I adored their smocked bikinis, all the colors they are stocked in, and the amazing styles of them all. I am so happy to be bringing back Sunday Swimwear and having a giant stock of photos from bikinis I truthfully adore- not that I don't love everything I've covered in the past but these simplistic and minimalistic designs make these bikinis work in basically any year! Which means you can buy them now and already be ready for the next Summer season! This certain one I'll be talking about in this post is the Smocked Bikini top and bottom set in white.

 This stark white bikini was a great choice after I had already had a bit of a base tan. Towards the end of the vacation, it was an even better choice because my suntan had deepened with the more I stayed outside adventuring! I was a little skeptical of how perfect this bikini would be, or how close to even good it could get considering how inexpensive it is. As of right now, Zaful has this bikini marked at only $17 with two deals. The first is when you buy two, you get 15% off. When you buy three, you get 25% off. With a rating of 4.75 stars out of five, I can certainly tell you that I agree with most of the people who reviewed this bikini. Not only is it a good price for a full set, but it actually fits almost perfectly! The set is one size for both pieces, and with my top being anywhere from an XS to a little too small for a Medium, and my bottoms being normally a Small or a Medium depending on what I'm sliding on- I was happy to find that a Small fit my size amazingly! With my height and being in the middle of clothing sizes, it's a little difficult to find bikini sets that work out- but Zaful fixed everything right up! Zaful is all located online for your browsing needs, and they have more than just bikinis which are perfect for the colder weather that is approaching. 

 There are so many good things about this bikini honestly. First off- I can wear it like a bralette in public and not be looked at weird. It honestly looks like a little tube top almost or bralette you can wear under a see-through blouse. Which I did as soon as I got back home, many times. Maybe you can't pull it off fully alone once you're back in the suburbs but I got many compliments on the top when I wore it under a black see-through button-down shirt. Left the top few buttons opened and paired it with black skinny jeans. It worked out perfectly! I truly recommended these smocked bikinis to pretty much all of my friends- I even picked out a decent few myself!

 You can see more of these bikinis on my Instagram, Zaful's Instagram, or more specifically one of the twenty photos I've already posted on my Instagram feed. Make sure to follow me there for even more posts from my wonderful trip to Hilton Head Island this year! Check out my highlighted stories for even more behind the scenes things!

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