A Look into Fall

 Fall means colder weather, Pumpkin Spice everything, and golden warm colors everywhere. I usually am not too excited about Fall but this year I'm making sure to keep my mind on track and think positive. I'm getting back into the grind of working and working out, now that summer is truly behind us here in Cincinnati. Yes, we still get warm days that pop up here and there- but it's been chilled most days.
 With the entering of darker evenings and colder nights, I've found doing things at places has become more frequent. I'm going out to breweries, to movies, to functions and things. I'm catching up with old friends when they are in town, I'm reaching out to more people. Summer was a whirlwind and extremely fun- but now it's time for me to work (and still enjoy) this Fall. 
 I recently have been working on a few different things regarding this blog here, my Instagram, and possibly something to do with a few videos in the future. I usually start to slow down a bit during these times. I do fewer functions and spend more time with friends and loved ones, but this time around I have so many opportunities that I have the chance to take- so I've been doing a lot more of that. Thankfully so many things have allowed me to have a plus one guest pass, so I've been able to take someone with me to these events. I've been able to go to Kings Island's Halloween Haunt, a spooky brewery tour, and work with so many cool companies already. I can't wait to keep working and doing so much more with my time. I even had the amazing chance to be featured in a local online publication for women in my area called CincyChic. You can read the post about me here for their October issue.
 Add to that the amazing Fall things I get to do like go to sunflower fields, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches. Some of my more favorite colors of fall like burnt orange, a darker yellow, brown, and deep maroon red have been slowly creeping out of my closet. I've started decorating my place even too- I've got way too many Fall scented candles stashed away in my family room waiting to be used. My boyfriend decorated my apartment with tissue paper ghosts, string lights, and balloon pumpkins the other day. I'm hunting for pumpkins for the porch and in front of my fireplace too. I'm so excited to decorate my place for Fall now- even though it's already October and should've been started sooner I think. 
 I'm a lover of Summer but Fall is a good second season I think. The colder nights make me think that it may be time to start looking at teas and hot cocoa for the nights. I'm also looking into getting a small tabletop fireplace for my patio- I think it's also time for smores. I can't wait for my friends who are away at college to come back and get to see my new place. I can't wait to roast marshmallows, breath in the crisp air of the night, and listen to the crickets chirping outside. A big difference to sitting inside my little apartment in the city listening to college kids partying and hospital sirens. I enjoy sleeping with my bedroom window open now that I'm three stories up rather than ground floor there. I'm excited for Fall, and for everything to come. 

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