Cincinnati's Haunted Brewery Tour

 Last Friday night I was invited to the opening of Cincinnati's Haunted Brewery Tour and I am so happy I went! I'll be honest, not a huge beer drinker- I stick to the fruity things like a Mike's Hard Lemonade or a Red's Blueberry Ale. But after meeting Greg Hardman, owner of Moerlein Beers, I'm very glad I said I'll have a glass of whatever he was drinking. Das Uber is the beer he was drinking when I walked up to the bar- it's super sweet and I drank it like it was a cup of tea. He was extremely nice and wonderful to talk to- he was telling me how excited he was for these tours and though he didn't want to talk it up too much, he was pretty sure I'd find it to be an exciting tour none the less. Mr. Hardman was right because I loved every second of it! You can actually hear more from him about Moerlein Beers as he chats with the folks from Cincy Shirts' Podcast here. I was way too excited to be walking in front of the group and watching all the spooks take place though. I am a huge fan of true crime, murder podcasts, local history, and spooky things so this tour was right up my alley. I am very pleased with what everyone put together at this event. 

  With Cincinnati Brewing Heritage Trail, Cincinnati's Escape Room, Cincinnati Landmark Productions, and Christian Moerlein Brewing Company all working together to create these amazing things- I can only wonder how next year will be if they continue. Or if more breweries copy their fantastic lead and pick this up for next year too! When you walk in, you see the hoards of people already lined up with a few cans of beer in their hands ready to go. Though you can't drink on the tour, you can definitely grab a few beers before and after in their showroom!

I won't blab too much about the tour itself because I definitely don't want to spoil the fun for anyone who plans on going this month! Though I will fill you in on what you should expect when you walk through those doors and into the brewery itself!
 You'll be greeted by the first guide who lets you know where you'll be stopping along the way. Throughout the tour, you'll make five stops at five stories with five puzzles. Your ticket holds the final answer, but you and your group must solve the puzzles with the clues. My plus one and I were paired with a few other fun people last night like The Gnarly Gnome and Mrs. Michelle from the blog Hey, Michelle? and a few others. You need to work with your teammates to successfully solve each puzzle that's found by you at the end of each act. Once you solve all those puzzles, after finding all the clues, you will have the answer of the one fake story of Cincinnati's Brewing history. To which you can celebrate your win, or drown out your losses, at the showroom with a few beers at the end.

  Mr. Hardman brought a round of flights out for the table and sat with us, talking more about the history of Moerlein itself. I was able to try another three beers of theirs and have another glass of Das Uber at the end of the night. Included in the flight was also their Original Lager, their OTR Cider Co. Original, and a glass of their Third Wave IPA. A full list of their beers that they have also at their Lager House is located here.
 I highly suggest that if you can make it here during the month of October, you should go. This is running on Friday and Saturday every weekend. You can find all the information you need, and the tickets you need to go buy, here!
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