I'm Writing Two Books! (Sort of)

 So I'm writing two books for human beings to consume after I publish with my own ways. All of that is honestly a really fancy way to say I'm creating two Instagram guide booklets out in an e-book like format. I have been doing a few polls over on my Instagram and a lot of people have responded saying that I should do two separate booklets, in my words a guide, of how to run a boss level Instagram. I want to get testimonials from people who I have given tips and my personal tricks to. I want to incorporate great photos and worksheets for people to fill out, including reprintable pages to add to your personal guide. I want to turn my own personal guides, that I have created for myself and for a business I'm helping to grow, into booklets that you can fill out. You can take these detailed guides and grow your Instagram as I have over the past five years into something much faster.
 Before publishing these guide booklets I'll be doing 99% of the research for you! I'll be working out tips and tricks that work with the most current Instagram algorithm and how to make it work for you. I'll teach you how to define your macro and micro categories. Everything down to your own diary for your insights on your posts. I will even give you links of places to test or find your own information. Places like engagement rate sites will be sourced at the back, I'll give you the exact same ones I use.
 A fun added the bonus, I'll also have guide booklets for other sites as well in the future! I am working on improving my own Facebook and Twitter pages as time goes on. As well as possibly Youtube! I am testing all the theories I can find and putting them to the test so the second you get my booklets in your hands- you can put your information to the test! I'll teach you how to read analytics and play them in your favor. I'll teach you how to run numbers and figure out your end goal. I'll also teach you how to make sure you're doing this for the right reasons.
 Sure these first two booklets may be Instagram based, but I can promise you that some of the links I include, tips I add, and tricks I suggest can be used across all basic social media platforms. From Facebook to Tumblr!
 Keep an eye out over on my Instagram and here on my announcements corner of the blog for more information soon! View my stories daily for more info on my booklet and to help add in what you want to see! The more help the better.

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