Sunny Yellow

 Here again is another lovely bikini set from Zaful that I wore on my trip to Hilton Head, this time while out on a boat! This particular bikini set is the Smocked bikini top and bottom in Yellow. Not Bright Yellow like the other option they have is, this yellow was bright enough so I can only imagine how bright that yellow must be for the other option. Like I said with my white smocked bikini, I really loved the look of these because I feel like they are a classic design. I always seem to find some variation of them every year, I just never had them myself. 

This bikini is truthfully the exact same one as the white bikini, so if you read my review of that- then you know how this one feels and looks. If not, let me just tell you that the feel was perfect. It wasn't itchy or uncomfortable or anything like that. With my smaller bust, it was cut just perfectly low enough to show off a little more of my skin for a tan but not too much. The bottoms weren't too small, even though I did get a size small for myself and I'm usually a medium. The top fit perfectly- I'm usually a small or a B cup so I knew it would either fit perfectly or be too big on my small size. It was, thankfully, a perfect fit for me since they only do sets in one size. With Fall essentially here, there is a sale going on so the bikini is just $17 with a great deals going on every so often too. Deals like Buy two and get 15% off, buy three and get 25% off of your purchase of bikinis. I truthfully think you should take advantage of that deal now and stock up for next summer. Or, if you live in Australia where summer is still approaching- grab them now too. Swimsuits are always cheapest in early spring when they are first put out or in September. Sometimes evens starting early August you'll see price drops all over! Their website is the best place to find everything and anything though, not just bikinis!

 I think this bikini is absolutely one of my all-time favorites from the ones I wore this vacation. I love the bright color that it is- especially against my tanned skin. I posted a photo on my Instagram of me wearing it and I think it's one of my most favorite photos of myself as well. You can find more of my vacation photos there, as well as little snippets of other bikinis you may have not seen yet! But overall, this bikini really is pretty great. With the price it's at now, it's insane to not swipe one or two up in the fun colors they have. I may have to go see if the red one is still in stock in my size, this look is just too cute not to nab.

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