The Cincinnati Zoo

 I absolutely love the Cincinnati Zoo, I brag about them following me every time I talk about the place. Their Instagram has filled with Fiona the hippo, red pandas, wild cats, and an occasional manatee too! All of my favorites can be found at the Cincinnati Zoo! That's why I got guest passes, which is perfect because I can get two tickets for a little bit cheaper- so I made sure my boyfriend came along. I dragged him all over the zoo in the weirdly hot days of October. But it was fun! I really did enjoy mapping out the perfect (aka sporadic) trip to make sure everyone saw their favorite animals. My must see right away was the cats- I am a sucker for the cats they have playing just like my own house cats. My second must-see was the manatees though, I've loved them ever since I heard someone joke about them being cow mermaids- or something along those lines.

 Another water-related find was the fish found in the pond by Gibbon Island- we went early in the morning to the Zoo. Around it's opening at 10 am to be exact- but by the time I passed this island the sun had already gotten past its peak in the sky. It was casting this stunning light over the bright blue water. The fish kept swimming up quickly with gaping mouths, snapping at us in a way. I took a few snaps with my phone and camera but none of the photos do it justice. Though these fish weren't exactly a stop on the map, it was very lovely to see them.

There was also a guide by the Polar Bear exhibit telling us all about how they are hoping this girl here is pregnant- and how hard it is to figure out if a polar bear is expecting or not.  If she is, then this November is around the time that they'll get to know! That's pretty exciting with Festival of Lights starting during the winter, around that time every year. November 17th this year to be exact, you can find more information here on their website.

 I didn't take advantage of my Zoo Pass like I should have this year. The Cincinnati Zoo offers so much for you to do during the year honestly! Check their times and schedules, and more, here! You have Zoo Babies in the spring, all the animals in the summer, many in the fall, and some added amazing lights in the winter! Go see this adorable little sea lion laying out during the warm summer days like I should have been doing all summer long! This exhibit has definitely become one of my favorites at the Cincinnati Zoo very quickly! I always wondered if I were ever to do a Cincinnati Meet Up one day with followers of mine, where would it be? I would have to say that it would be this zoo during the summer! So, maybe next summer, that'll be on my agenda...? 

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