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  If you head on down to 639 Main Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 you'll walk up to a cute building with a lot of windows in the front. Then if you walk inside- you'll find it's a gorgeous Pop Up Shop with four awesome women working their shops inside this one location. Open Wednesday to Sunday (W-F 11am-7pm, Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm) you'll find the doors open and welcoming you inside until the end of January to find something new to love.
 In the front room, you'll find pieces from The Green Store and Down To Mars Vintage. If you're a person who loves this planet, like myself and many others who shopped The Green Store that night, you'll find many things you can add to your home or life. This eco-friendly shop has many things you can find- a personal favorite of mine was their nail polishes, bamboo toothbrush, and all their air plants!

 If you look over towards the windows- you'll find just a small selection from Down To Mars Vintage lined up. I personally loved the sweaters which were all perfect for my trip to Chicago- I ended up picking one for the trip. And if you walk back to the other side of the store you'll find even more of her pieces set up on other racks in the back for your perusing. I fell in love with a few jackets and long overalls that just so happened to not be my size. But if you walk in and fall in love with the same pair of light blue overalls I definitely say go grab them the second you can! I'm a huge fan of Marcie's style so to sort through all of the pieces she picked out to be in her Pop Up Shop collection makes me envious of the girls who grabbed the pieces I wasn't able to. I had my eyes on a few dresses even that glittered and shined- one of them may be a future New Year's Eve party dress for me or a friend.

  Along with the rest of Down To Mars Vintage's pieces in the back of the shop, you will find a bunch of things from Supernova Soaks. Bath goodies and oils are something I will always stock up on to add into my relaxation. I really liked the diffusers Supernova Soaks had on their table as well because they seem to be the best size for a little side table or window sill. I also loved the scents included in their soaps too- a few of their sets that they sell include matching soaps and oatmeal bath soaks. Their items are honestly the perfect gifts for friends and even something to look out for for the upcoming holidays in the near future. 

 On the other side of the wall from Supernova Soaks and Down to Mars Vintage is For Your Love of Art. I love art prints and I prefer to have art in my home from a million different artists. When it comes to art made by women, of women- you can for sure guess that I went through all of the pieces. I also love the idea of having local pieces in my home because not only does that mean you know where to find the people later but you're also supporting a local business. I loved the colors used in all of the pieces- and the looks of the women in these pieces on the walls here.

 The Pop Up Shop is open at this location until January 31st, 2019 at 639 Main Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. If you have a moment to stop by and shop from all of these amazing women I highly recommend it. All of the women who's shops are here are truly lovely people- and it is so important for women to support women in this day and age.

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