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  Last Wednesday I found my way back to Clifton, Bogarts specifically, to see a band who's tickets somehow ended up in my inbox. In that email contained the information that I had two meets and greet passes, VIP passes, and two tickets to the concert put on by PRETTYMUCH with opening act Gunnar Gehl waiting for me at the venue.
 If you look back last year at my Jack & Jack concert photos you may see a few of PRETTYMUCH when they were the openers here at Bogart's. It was extremely cool to see them again now at their own tour at the same place. I immediately told my younger sister about the gig and asked if she wanted to come along. It was like Boy Band Bootcamp with her afterward making sure I knew the lyrics to all of their songs. By the time it came to waiting in line at the venue I'll admit I had already listened to their songs over a hundred times each in just a few days. While in line waiting to meet the guys I chatted among the other girls there and quickly found a little group to go up front with. After a little, it became my time to sit down on the Funktion Tour couch and snap a photo with the boys of PRETTYMUCH. I hopped on to the couch and did a bit of quick chit-chat with the boys before snapping our photo.
 After the meet and greet was over everyone inside headed down to the floor and lined up in front of the stage. The opening act for the night was Gunnar Gehl- someone who I had no idea of beforehand I hate to admit. With a new single titled Outta My Mind he just released like yesterday, I can honestly admit I'm adding his music to my playlist. With the vibes of a young 90's John Mayer and a bit Shawn Mendes, I can definitely see a similar sound. Especially considering he covered a Mendes (and Khalid) song wonderfully. With a sound like this while live, I can for sure say I'll be listening to his album which is set to release sometime next year.
 Gunnar had a great performance through and through. With just him and his beautiful Gibson ES 330, he had the crowd swooning over him by the end of it. He was even sweet enough to take pictures with everyone who came out to see him after the concert. I ended up going with my sister to snap a quick photo to text Austin, joking how the two looked similar.

Nov 7th, 2018

  As for the actual performance- after Gunnar closed off his set, PRETTYMUCH started up after a few minor technical difficulties. I was able to hang out and enjoy the concert. I let my younger sister grab the front row and my phone while I leaned against the sound equipment and rocked my head from side to side. It was extremely cool to see the group's dance moves, lights, and clips they used to immerse the crowd into their show. From water guns to call and responses, the crowd was with the group basically every step of the way. My favorite bit would probably be the beanbag chairs and the campfire behind them with the colorful lights glowing around the group. They brought a fan up on stage and had her sing as well as dance with them. This stop of their Funktion fall tour was color packed with everything from the group freestyling their dance moves with each other to their own personal styles. With each boy sort of following into their own category of out there style but also pretty relaxed, I can see why they're making their way up the charts. With my personal favorite of On My Way- I can honestly say I blasted their music all the way home.
 I totally understand the concept of boy bands and never see them as something that will die in the music industry. I was talking to a few moms there about how they remember lining up for the Backstreet Boys or 98 Degrees when they were my age. Boybands are this thing that will always in some way be around in the music industry whether it's the kind that is PRETTYMUCH, the 1975, One Direction, 5SOS or NSYNC. As a former teenage girl, I totally understand riding the wave of the boybands and picking your favorite of them all. While PRETTYMUCH's lyrics prove them to be the boyband for their own age group- I can totally see this group on the radio's replay spots in the coming of years.

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