Scrunch Knot Bikini

 Zaful yet again brings in another bikini to my new darling bikini collection in my closet. I honestly think Zaful is the greatest place to go for bikini shopping so far. With this wide range of simplistic options, Zaful has a giant gallery for you to choose from! This current style I'm pictured wearing is titled the Scrunch Knot Bikini in Army Green. Right now, since Fall is here and Winter is fast approaching, you can easily snag this charming bikini up for only $17.  Their mustard yellow and blue-grey colors for this bikini are two colors I might need to add to my cart because those are remarkable as well! The green was a fun touch to the other colors I had gotten from them as well.

  The bikini itself is very comfortable and not too snug. With my smaller chest size though, a size small was a little bit big for my B-Cup chest. When I stood with perfect posture the bikini top didn't seem to noticeably big though, so I suggest this top style more for lounging in the sun than doing a lot of swimming. I saw this lower cut bikini recommended more for women with a larger bust but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it out when I saw this on Zaful's website. The bottoms were a perfect fit when I tried them on though- they fit snug and weren't too loose when I took a little lounge on the edge of the water. When looking at the current price, which is $17 at the moment, I would have to say this is a perfect steal. It's a cheap price but a good material and quality when it comes to buying online or shopping with a tight budget. Which- with Zaful being online- it's been a great help.

 I think I'll have my sister try this top style for her next bikini because it seems more for her. The bikini top definitely covers what needs to be covered but the more coverage on the bottom isn't needed for my chest size. I truly love the green color though! Labeled as Army Green on their site I'd have to say I'm glad they had this array instead of an emerald or mint green for this style. This comfortable color is much more suiting with my tan in these photos. You can find similar styles with knots in the front, or the deep V might be your thing, or simply the color. Zaful has a wide range of style, cuts, and colors to choose from in their bathing suit department! You can see more of the ones I wore on this trip on my Instagram

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