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 A little CBD a day keeps the stress and anxiety away- or at least that's what a bunch of studies has been showing us for a few years now. CBD, better known as Cannabidiol, which is just one of the 100 plus cannabinoids that are found in cannabis. Cannabis is also known as marijuana, reefer, ganja, weed, pot, grass, broccoli, and my favorite- Mary Jane. It's actually been the subject, CBD that is, of a lot of research due to its medical applications. From everything to oral treatment or topical CBD is nonpsychoactive, which means that it doesn't give you the high that weed gives you when you smoke it or eat an edible. CBD is the safe and effective choice for people might be wary about the mind-altering effects of some cannabinoids such as THC. CBD is what I actually recommend to a lot of people for many reasons. Pain, anxiety, stress, sleep, healing, brain health and more.

 With pain relief, which is actually a highly celebrated health benefit from CBD oils, is that it does have pain relieving effects. It is said that CBD is thought to interact with receptors in the brain and also the immune system to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. 
 It also has some anti-seizure properties related to it too. I looked into what causes seizures because I had a coworker who was epileptic and said he was looking into a service dog for his seizures. I wondered what caused it and apparently, it happens when there is a dramatic fluctuation of electrical activity in the person's brain. A lot of high profile cases have truly helped raise the awareness of CBD's properties that benefit people with seizures. It's only recently though that science has been able to confirm the link between CBD and anti-seizure qualities. There's been a published trial in The New England Journal of Medicine where it was completely random, "double-blind" placebo-controlled and based around CBD and seizures.

 Anxiety is personally something I severely struggle with almost every day. Social Anxiety is a huge part of it too besides just the baseline Anxiety. I have taken CBD before to help myself fall asleep because that seems to be when my brain gets most anxious, as I try to lay my head down and close my eyes. I've tried so many different things from 4 pills of Melatonin at 5mg per pill, and later prescribed Trazodone at 50mg tablets and told to take two when I couldn't sleep at night. The same coworker who has seizures told me about CBD gummies and that it could help with sleeping. I decided to buy a few small packages and tried some for myself. I noticed almost instantly it helped me fall asleep so much quicker when I took them versus anything else. My body had become resistant to melatonin because I relied on it so much- and the Trazadone made me feel tremendously ill the morning after taking it. Not only did a one CBD gummy, each at the strength of 15mg a piece, help me sleep better but it totally took away the super anxious feelings I had too. I started using different CBD oils too, putting them in my coffee every single morning and again in my afternoon cup. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. This is all why I wanted to share this because after going to doctors and therapists to fix somethings, I found that the wiring in my brain was still trained to be anxious and messy. I couldn't even practice any of the teachings my therapists tried to teach me because my anxiety wouldn't silence itself for even a second. But CBD helped me silence those demons and allowed me to focus on what I actually needed to practice to "train" those demons too. CBD is actually commonly used to treat 'physiological' symptoms. The amount of research that indicates that CBD can be used in this therapy range of mental health practices. Cannabidiol is shown to significantly reduce what is called subjective anxiety which can also be referred to or better known as social anxiety disorder. The studies show that this is related to all the good effects it has on activity in "limbic and paralimbic brain areas".
 Another amazing thing that CBD research is that is indicates that this Cannabidiol may be pretty important when it comes to treating cancer in multiple different ways. CBD specifically and a few other compounds found inside our lovely Mary Jane plant have what is called an antitumor effect. It can amplify the death of tumor cells in both colon cancer and leukemia. There are also investigations on whether or not CBD can be used to stop the spread of cancer cells. Which so far it actually has been shown to stop the cells from spreading in cervical cancer cells. It's not a 100% sign of proof that they can treat people who have those types of cancer because a majority of cancer studies when it comes to CBD as a treatment are pre-clinical. Pre-clinical means, of course, they're not conducted on human beings, or even mammals thankfully. I'm not, nor are these articles, speaking that this is total proof that CBD can cure cancers. But pre-clinical studies seem to give us hope in that section of treatments with CBD.

 While THC has been shown to help people with eating disorders thanks to the munchies, CBD has benefits that can help weight loss. By helping the body the body convert what is called white fat into "weight-reducing brown fat". It deals with insulin production and sugar metabolism.
 Lastly, I'll discuss brain health and the resilience to trauma and degrading brain cells. It is said that cannabinoids help maintain and regulate brain health to explain a bit more. They can do everything from removing damaged cells and even improve the efficiency of mitochondria. CBD (and other antioxidant compounds in Mary Jane) also work to reduce glutamate toxicity. The extra glutamate stimulates nerve cells in the brain to fire and causes cells to become overstimulated. Which eventually will lead to the cells becoming damaged or simply die off. This all says that cannabinoids help protect your brain cells from damage and keeps your brain healthy and functional. Alongside with all of this, CBD has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects on the brain.

 After just a short list of beneficial things that CBD can do, it makes me want to start taking it every day again and not just nights where I feel like I need to. I'm not a person that wants to take pills, I remember regretting walking out of the doctors' office with a prescription of Trazadone and wanting to pitch it. I remember shoving my Zoloft behind the oven as a kid because it made me feel like a numb unemotional zombie. I literally had to take two small tablets of Vicodin during a recent ER trip just so they could cut me open a bit- and the only reason I gave in and took them was that of the immense pain I was in. Shout out to the nurses who hunted down a pill crusher, applesauce, and two different kinds of pudding for me to shove the pills into. I hate taking pills so much I get anxiety just trying to swallow them. But that's just how I think- if you take medication for your anxiety or depression that's 100% fine and completely up to you. I just didn't feel like anything that I took worked for me no matter how long I took it. So I went for other methods; meditation, yoga, CBD, and more. I found that CBD works for me and I stopped taking it a little while ago when I found something else that also works for me- but CBD has so many benefits in general that just taking that again seems best for my body. There are a few different products/forms of CBD that I recommend which I'll be posting about soon in the future along with some more info. Finally speaking out about things that I've found work for me, no matter how controversial they are, feels freeing in a way- so expect more from me on this topic soon.

*CBD is not allowed for anyone under the age of 18, I am also not a doctor- but I have linked the articles I gathered information from.

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