Champagne in Chicago

Pops for Champagne

 The first weekend of my Chicago trip was filled with adventure and catching up with family. I haven't seen some of my family members for a while now, so when news got around that I would be in the Windy City for a little over a week- my cousins quickly offered up some of their time. I gladly accepted, ready to spend a meal with them and talk about how crazy it was just for me to even get to the city. As my boyfriend and I drove into the city we realized how much bigger it is than Cincinnati- which we both knew, but it's a lot different when you're actually driving into it. The lights from all the towers and people's apartments lit up some of the space above us as we drove through the nighttime traffic. I made a joke about how with all the smog, the pitch black night, and the every changing lights shining down on us- it reminded me of Gotham City. Austin laughed at me and shook his head before heading further into the city.
 After parking my car in a garage we quickly made our way to the restaurant we were all to meet up at. After quick hellos and introductions, we made our way further into the city to look at all the pretty lights. I never realized how pretty a city is around Christmas time, especially Chicago. We dodged other travelers and city locals as we made our way from shop to shop- admiring all the scenes set up in their window fronts. Burberry, Victoria Secret, Tiffany, and more. We timed the crosswalks just perfectly so everyone could snap a photo in front of the lights, the reindeer, and little Christmas trees. I remember the busy streets and the taxi-filled streets of Chicago when I was younger, and though the taxis have turned to Ubers and the people don't seem as tall- it's still the same Chicago. A city which I'm slowly growing to love. I've only been twice, the first time in summer as a child, but I already know I'd love to go again.
 We made our way to a cute place called Pops for Champagne. I have never in my life wished to Instagram the heck out a place more than Pops for Champagne. But I was with family I hadn't seen in forever and Pops is certainly to nice to have a practical child running around their bar snapping photos. But it was a gorgeous, modernly designed, space. With large windows, hanging pendant bulbs, and little booths and tables everywhere. One of their champagnes that they had were a delicious bottle of ____. We sipped our glasses after quick cheers and caught up. I absolutely adored the wine my cousin picked- I even went back to the table after our drinks to ask for the cork from the bottle because I loved it so much! I have it placed in my bedroom now along with other little trinkets of things I've collected from places I like or things I do. But we spoke of family, of life, how my cousin made the big jump from Canton, Ohio to the big bustling city of Chicago, Illinois. About the things I plan to do in Chicago and what I've already done so far. The entire time I enjoyed not only their champagne but also the whole vibe of the place. I can't wait to go back- maybe for my 22nd birthday in February or for some fun night out with friends in the summer.
 After a little bit, we made our way over to the restaurant. We all went to a place called Quartino for dinner- it was a fully packed Italian restaurant and bar. The entire inside was gorgeously decorated with vintage pieces. And on their tv screens were old films from what looked liked the fifties- I half expected an Audrey Hepburn featuring film to appear on the screens. The city lights from outside the window we were seated at had Christmas wreaths hung up and made me feel like I was in some place in Italy for Christmas Eve dinner. Let's hope that's foreshadowing some future of mine.

 We all split a few dishes of pizza and pasta. Our pasta of choice was Linguine with Clams while the pizza of choice was their Margherita one. It was all extremely delicious and I know for a fact if I'm ever in Chicago for a while again, this is also a place I'll want to stop and dine at. It was a great meal and continued a wonderful conversation with the family. We stuffed ourselves on the amazing Italian food and then parted ways. Austin and I took a small stroll looking at the lights as we made our way back to my car. The night out was perfect- it made me desperately want to come back to downtown Chicago- which I ended up doing again very soon after this night.

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