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 It's easy to say you'll do new things to improve yourself this year- it's the whole "new year, new you" thing, right? You can read my blog posts, follow along, practice for a bit- but if you stop in April then are you really doing better for yourself? Don't worry I've been there too- I wanted to run a 5k by June last year and only got my time down to 45 minutes with a fast walk and 5 minutes jog. I gave up because I stopped keeping myself accountable when all the people I made the goal with dropped off. It was in early May when I gave up- I was so close to June too.
 In 2019 you need to accomplish this new goal of keeping yourself accountable too. Besides getting yourself in the right mindset to accomplish things you also need to prepare yourself. Having a mantra, writing your daily gratitude, and saying yes more are all just parts of what you want to help yourself improve yourself. You need those things to keep your mindset high to keep yourself going down the right path all year long. So here are ten things that I do to help myself keep my goals going past the first few months of the year.

  • Prepare in Advance

  I do yoga in the morning, it helps me wake up slowly and not shock myself awake which messes up my energy for the day. I do better thinking in the afternoon so that's when I do most of my best work- whether it's writing blog posts or creating content for Instagram and the future. One way to keep yourself ready for your morning work out too is to pack your gym bag in advance. I do yoga at home but I still put on workout clothes to get me in the idea of getting up and going in the morning. Prepare your workout and your bag to go so it's much easier and smoother in the morning- the fewer things you have to make you even want to reconsider your session the better. Meal prepping does well too- some mornings I wake up early and make my boyfriend lunch for work and some nights we go out to the store and buy our dinner right before we make it. We have both discussed meal prepping too which is another smart way to make good things slightly easier for you. If we cook everything on a Sunday and pack it for the week- it makes healthy eating so much easier for us when he's constantly on the go during the week and I hate having to cook full meals three times a day by myself. 

  • Group Chats
 Last year it was a goal of mine to run a 5k, my mother, sister, and grandmother wanted to join in with me for this goal too. I told them that by June of 2018 I would like to be able to run a 5k or at least jog for most of it. The main point of my goal was to be able to go running then by Fall and get into that healthy habit. It worked well at first- my mother and I went to the gym a lot together. I even created a chart for myself and tracked how long it took for me to run a mile and to run 3 miles. Then slowly my family members started to drop off. My mom stopped going to the gym because she liked walking outside better and she stopped telling me when she was going on hikes since the trails weren't in the middle of our homes like our gym was. But now I have a group chat of people who are serious about working up to that 5k. I've got a few girl friends who started a group to help each other stick to exercise and tips to perfect our side crane. It's important to find accountability buddies who are just as serious as you and work with them. 

  • Smaller Goals Lead to Bigger Goals

 Make realistic small goals every week- it's easier to set and makes you feel better when you accomplish your weekly goals rather than feel out of place when reaching for your yearly goal. I recently was very sick and lost 30 pounds- while I was already considered underweight, to begin with, I want to gain back at least 15 pounds and be healthy. So each week I make sure to gain back anywhere from two to four pounds of healthy fat and some muscle- each week that is my goal until I hit 15 pounds. If your goal is to lose 15 pounds- plan to go to the gym at least four times a week and to walk for a few miles. Maybe even add some healthier foods into your meals like replace a cup of coffee for breakfast with avocado toast and a glass of ice cold water. 

  • Track Yourself

 I use a bullet journal to track my habits. Included in those habits are drinking the correct amount of water each day, making sure to do yoga in the morning and meditate, how much I sleep and more. If you track your goals like hitting the gym a certain amount of times, writing for 30 minutes a day, or taking 12,000 steps that day. If you track yourself and can see your own consistency it'll help you make it a constant habit. It's said that it takes 22 days to form a habit so if you drink 8 cups of water for 22 days and track those days, maybe even track the differences you notice about yourself as you go- you'll help yourself stick to those habits.

  • Reward the Small Goals
 If you reward yourself for running 15 minutes straight while working on your long-term goal of making running a daily thing- you should reward yourself a little. Your rewards should make sure not to be counterintuitive to your goals though- like no sleeping in past running time to having a cheat meal with your other goal being to lose 5 pounds this month. Try rewarding yourself with a spa night or a movie night at the end of the week with your girl friends- popcorn and wine included.

  • Plan B, C, and D
 Sometimes I head back to bed after my partner goes to work- I promise to only sleep a few more minutes but during the rush of those mornings where he wakes up late, I sometimes do too. I accidentally turn off or sleep through my alarm and mess up my whole morning. After waking up an hour late I usually decide to skip my morning cup of coffee and make myself a nice brunch instead. I cook myself some food while simultaneously do the dishes at the same time. While my coffee is brewing in the French press and the eggs are cooking in the pan- I do my least favorite chore so that my day can only go up from there. Sometimes your Plan B can be even better than Plan A- you just have to go with the flow while also making sure your newly adapted plan still gets done exactly what you need. 

 These six things are just a few that you can practice- I know there are multiple ways for people to keep themselves accountable over sticking to their goals. It may be hard at first but you can do it, even I dread working out some days but I stick to it and I've seen some progress already from my yoga sessions!

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