One Month Sober

 I don't drink very often, and I say this knowing fully well that if I were to look down at my alcohol tracker in my journal I would see it said I had half a glass of champagne at four in the morning on the first of January. Then another two and a half glasses of champagne that night with my boyfriend at dinner.  Not to mention the shot of whiskey with the birthday girl at her place on New Years Eve itself. Shot of whiskey at 10pm, champagne at 4am, more champagne at 9pm.
 But besides all of that partying- I  don't really drink. The shot of whiskey was my third shot from a bottle of Maker's Mark I bought while in Chicago over Thanksgiving. They were offering tastes in the Target there and I figured while on vacation, why not. My boyfriend and I bought a bottle, some apple cider, and threw a cinnamon stick in a glass once we got back to the apartment. I only drink once to four times a month. Those days I'm drinking is usually a weekend with friends or as of the last few months on holidays with family or friends. If you're more of the normal type of drinker, as in perhaps on weekends or a glass of wine at night here or there... whatever your schedule is for drinking then maybe you're taking on the Sober January thing that's going on right now.
 I totally get it- the holidays have old friends in town so you'll catch up over drinks. I went to MadTree and had a chocolate nitro brew with 11% alcohol that hit me the second I stood up to leave. Your family offers you a drink since you're around in the kitchen or you're in the room at the time. My mom made me a Screwdriver on Christmas Eve because I happened to be in the kitchen with her stealing a few cookies. On New Years I brought the bottle of whiskey to the party, took a shot with my friends, then offered most of it to the rest of the people who came and the last half of the bottle to the couple who rented the Airbnb. But after all that and likely more than other people do- the idea of a renewed self presumably sounds pretty great. So here's how you can do it too for literally any month ever. Because whether it's alcohol or weed, sometimes a little detox is good for your system.
 Make sure you know why you want to accomplish this thirty-day booze-free goal. Looking to get rid of all those crappy hangover feelings? Are you trying to restart your gut for the year and clear all toxins from your system? Are you trying to save a little bit extra in your pocket? Once you figure out why you can create your mantra to help yourself stick to your goal a little bit better. Put a good and positive mantra to your answer of why you're taking this sober break. Putting all that focus on what you can do with this motivation into a positive mantra gives you some of what you need to empower yourself.
 After that, you can then make your plan. Avoiding your typical social pursuits might instantly feel blah to you. To keep away that all to powerful fear of missing out you'll need to plan a new way to socialize and activities to with friends. Perhaps also an explanation on why you're no longer going to be joining them in the Uber for a night out on the town. Also, make sure you pick your new activities wisely. Maybe change your outing time from night to day- a changeup from a night of bar hopping to a pilates class and brunch. Or perhaps a hike through your local park with a picnic in hand. You can do something else and give yourself a task to focus on so you'll avoid going out for drinks at 2pm.
 If you have no other excuse that'll work with your friends or you absolutely do have to go out to drinks with your friends- try to at least get through the first round. Grab some other sort of drink and if your friends give you anything for it just ignore it and remember that by the time February comes you'll be reaping the benefits. Glowy skin, lots of rest, extra cash, and a little more. So here's to the sober ones here in January and anyone else who plans a sober month of any kind this year. 

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