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   Some people have old fashioned pill cases to keep their Lexapro in that can fit in their purse or wallet. Some people put stickers on their Weekly Boxes that tell them what day to take what. While I don't take medication as of right now for my anxiety or depression, I do have pretty things that hold what I use to relax. With images of perfectly handcrafted pieces in millions of shapes and a million different colors filling my Instagram feed I started to dream about the pieces I'd love to add- to improve my 'collection' of unique pieces around my apartment.
 When I first started getting pieces I wanted them to be artistic looking so if I left them out- they would look like trinkets. I have a wooden hand holding colorful crystals, a champagne cork from Pop's, a gold coin, a bundle of sage, and a stick of Palo Alto. I have a container filled with old matchbooks my grandparents collected. I have thrift store finds like a wood-chip vase, a golden star cut out candle holder, and a few baskets hanging on the walls. I love having fun trinkets and items out and about for people to ask about or learn about. I loved how my aunt and uncle had polaroids, matchbooks, trinkets from their overseas travels and more laying about so I sort of stole this idea. So of course, if I have an extremely gorgeous handcrafted piece of porcelain covered in pearl and 22k gold out on the coffee table- someone will probably ask about it.

 The first really extraordinary piece that has found its way into my home is the Pearl Moon piece from Wandering Bud. Wandering Bud was started actually because late into the year of 2016 it's the owner, Riley, was looking for a side project to fill her evenings. Her idea in mind was to create a wonderful impact on the lives of women who use cannabis- which she has. She is a lover of all of the arts and used that to create a business. She started with a small studio in her basement and began crafting what are now the pieces you see today in her shop. In Spring of 2018, she left her job teaching elementary school kids music to create pieces full-time. Something I'm so remarkably envious of as I have always wanted to- and even tried to- create my own pieces by hand! From custom porcelain chillium pieces to pink and red lips for your hand rolls bits. There are so many perfect things to add to your home from here. I personally love the berry chillium, the small ashtray in jade, the lips, and the small rolling tray in pink with gold splatter. There's so much to find for yourself or for your girlfriends- indeed perfect presents for birthdays or just because. 
The pearl paint and the golden glow from the bowl of the piece look stunning in the light too with the iridescent rainbow that lays across it. I personally find this combo for the moon the most pleasing, though the other colors look gorgeous as well. I feel this one fits me and my style the most precise that it could get out of all the pieces online. I've already received several compliments on it from the people who have seen it. 

 There are also instructions on Wandering Bud's website that tells you how to care for your piece. I've already cleaned it twice and it's so much easier to clean than the rest of my pieces. Along with care, and more information- it does state that Riley takes custom orders. Only occasionally and if there is time to allow it. You can reach out to discuss a possible idea at any time though, custom chlliums though are offered on her site as of right now. And, if you wait a little bit longer she has potted plants being created- I also seriously am already in love with the "pots for pot" photo Wandering Bud has over on Instagram. Check out the Etsy page if you shop using a credit card- all are accepted on Etsy. And if you prefer PayPal, head over to the direct website to purchase a piece for yours or a friends (or both) smoke ware collection.

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