Who Am I

 I don't think I've ever formally introduced myself- hi! It's incredibly nice to meet you. I'm Sophie Kinsey, a twenty-two-year-old blogger, Instagrammer, coffee addict, and cat mom. What has started as the fifteen-year-old girl who posted beach photos from previous vacations (pretending like she wasn't landlocked in Cincinnati, Ohio) on all social media platforms has turned into me talking about everything and anything while living in my now twenties.
 On my Instagram, you can see snippets of my life in photos from beach vacations to last-minute trips to different cities. On here you can see my more personal thoughts, discussing things like boy problems, uncensored conversations, mental health issues, adventures I've had, a 'different' kind of spirituality, and the crazy stories that fall into my life. On Youtube, you can find videos of me discussing important topics, showing you a cinematic glimpse into my life of anxiety and such. You can see all the different things I get up to! Like future plans of sleeping in my car for five days while camping on beaches and in the mountains (don't worry I won't be alone so I'll live to see my twenty-second birthday).
 I'm obsessed with going to new places though I rarely get the chance to- but the second I go anywhere that isn't located in Cincinnati you'll be sure to get a giant post of all my travel photos on here. I'll be posting them for months on end on Instagram too.
 As a college-aged kid you'll most likely find me at Izen's Drunken Bento making a sushi run, mindlessly roaming around an art museum, in Sitwell's cafe drinking coffee, or sitting at Sigma Sigma Commons reading a new book from my personal library, or walking around the local campus listening to John Mayer on repeat.
 But overall I'm also a lot more than just that- so thank you for checking out my little corner of the internet. Feel free to drop me a little message or two because I'd absolutely love to hear from you!

 For business enquiries, email kinsey17xo@gmail.com

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